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The Isle of Skye has a lot to offer ! The second largest of the Hebridean islands, Skye boasts stunning scenes of natural beauty at every turn. Staggering mountain ranges loom above secluded coves and sandy beaches lapped by crystal clear seas. Wildlife abounds and it is quite possible to see otters, eagles, seals, dolphins and whales in a single week's stay.

But Skye is about more than unspoiled wilderness. The Island is home to enough world class restaurants, breweries, distilleries and food producers to satisfy the appetite of the most discerning gastronome. Hours may be spent browsing in the art galleries and boutique shops, many of which showcase local artists and crafts people.

Those seeking to feel a connection with the ancient history of Skye will not be disappointed and visits to the Island's ancient fortress castles as well as walking in the actual footprints of dinosaurs provide tangible links to the past.

When night falls on a clear Skye evening, countless stars shine down from one of the most light pollution free skies in Europe. Lucky stargazers may even witness the spectacular Northern Lights, with the decking at Half of Two providing the perfect viewing platform as the night sky glows with shifting colours above the distant Outer Hebrides.

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